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Tue Nov 23 11:19:17 EST 1999

Most RT reactions will work in a standard PCR buffer, but not all.  We use a
custom master mix with Taqman buffer A (see Sept. BioTechniques for details)
and have no problem using MuMLV in a Taqman one mixture qRT-PCR.  This same
reaction seems to have trouble with the PE Universal master mix.

You might try using a Taq gold or the antibody to inactivate Taq at low
temperatures if you are getting extra bands.

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Steven Kirov wrote in message <38393346.78133C5B at ns.medfac.acad.bg>...
>Can anybody tells me if I can perform effective reverse trancriptase
>reaction in PCR buffer (Boehringer for example) with AMV or MuMLV and
>how? I have some experience in this but I don't get very good resuls

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