separating copperbinding substances from plant extract

Achim Recktenwald, PhD ARecktenwald at
Tue Nov 23 18:38:02 EST 1999

Buy 'Chelating Sepharose' (Pharmacia) or a similar resin from another
suppliers, load it with copper ions and run your extract over it. Compounds,
esp. proteins, that are capable of chelating copper should bind.

Search the literature with the keyword IMAC (=iminodiacetic acid).



"arjen" <arjenberg at EXCITE.COM> wrote in message
news:383AA6C3.9079D6ED at
> I'm investigating curative effects of certain plant extracts on copper
> intoxicated snail embryos. Results are great, but in order to establisch
> wheater this is merely due to the copper chelating action of the extract
> i am looking for a simple method to extract the copper chelating
> substances from the extract. My idea is to lead the extract over a
> column that will bind the copper binding substances and test the extract
> for remaining activity. Does anyone have any suggestion what column to
> use and where to get it? Thanx

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