Reisolating Baculovirus

Matt Thomas mthomas at
Wed Nov 24 11:19:28 EST 1999

I'm interested in doing something slightly strange and wondering if anyone
has a protocol out there.  I have a stock of baculovirus, or should I say it
is supposed to be baculoviruws, that when I infect sf9 cells I don't see the
protien it is supposed to make (both by coomasie and western).  What I want
to find out is if there is any virus there to begin with.  I'm tempted to
isolate the virus DNA out of the stock and do PCR or sequenceing.  So what
I'm looking for is a protocol to recover DNA from a baculovirus stock.

Any suggestions?

Matthew Thomas, Ph. D
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida
mthomas at  

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   Sir Isaac Newton, correspondence to Liebniz

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