Cloning in pGEM-T

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Thu Nov 25 11:53:59 EST 1999

Christophe Jacob wrote:
> Does anyone know if the purification of PCR fragments (from agarose gel or
> with a column to eliminate other bands and/or oligonucleotides) before
> cloning in T/A vectors is a critical step ??
> Thanks for yours answers.
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> Christophe.
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In my hands any purification step, especially gel purification, 
decreases ligation efficiency when doin T/A cloning. So, if you
have a single band you're lucky, if not than you might have to
do a lot of minipreps. 
The manual fo invitrogen's T/A cloning kit suggests to do the ligation
step within 24 h after you ran the PCR otherwise the A's tend to fall
of. Don't know whether this is true but it would explain things.


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