Ethidium Bromide in aequous phase ?

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Thu Nov 25 05:32:03 EST 1999

During evaluation of a working place in
our lab the following question arose:

When Ethidium Bromide (10mg/ml in water)is
added to an agarose gel at temperatures
under 65 degrees celsius can it evaporate
during mixing and pouring the gel
(end conc. in gel is 1µg/ml)?
If it evaporates, what is the concentration
then in the vapour, is it measureable?
Are there any datas about such measurements
available ?
The aim of all this questions is to make a decicison,
if we should pour our agarose gels with ethidium
bromide in the hood or not.

We checked some indexes and also some catalogs from
different companies, who offer EtBr, but no such
data were available.

Maybe some of you could help us with our


Andreas Firzinger
(oekolab / gentest)

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