Ethidium Bromide in aequous phase ?

Roland Hübner rhubner at
Thu Nov 25 07:42:59 EST 1999

In article <81j373$d30$1 at>, a_firzinger at wrote:

> If it evaporates, what is the concentration
> then in the vapour, is it measureable?
> The aim of all this questions is to make a decicison,
> if we should pour our agarose gels with ethidium
> bromide in the hood or not.


 this has been discussed (again) about a month ago... Evaporate sea water
and salt remains... 

 But, could EtBr sublimate? Or could it be distilled (especially when
heating in microwave that "shakes" every single water molecule and
generates way higher temps locally)? Could HBr be generated and make it
volatile (the rest of this aromatic polycycle is stable and likely to
remain intercalating)?

 From physico-chemical info (posted here) I found no indication that it
would behave in such manners...

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