Trying so solve prephenate

Inmaculada Garcia Robles garciai at
Tue Nov 23 09:32:11 EST 1999

	Dear collegues,

I am trying to make an assay with aminoacid pathways and i need to use
prephenic acid, I have to use it as the barium salt and I tried
unsuccesfully to solve it in water but at a 4 mM concentration it is not
possible. I also tried with a mixture of water:methanol (as I read it is
purified in this mixture) but is is not possible either. Heating the
solution does not help. I though that 4 mM was a low concentration, but it
seems this product is not soluble. 
Does anyone know in which solvent or mixture of solvent I could solve this
barium prephenate?

thanks very much in advance (Could you please send the answer to my mail
address, and to the group if you want)

Best regards,

Inmaculada Garcia
garciai at

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