What is a concatomer?

KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Sat Nov 27 12:06:41 EST 1999

I think the "linear" term is used to distinguish concatamers from
interlinked multimers of circular DNA.  I am not clear on this myself,
having been told at different times that interlinked DNA circles are
called "concatamers" . . . or not!

So . . . if interlinked circular DNA are not concatamers, what are they

Daniel Kim
 p.s.  my opinion is that the term "DNA concatamer" is reserved for
colinear covalently bonded multimers of DNA, where the definition of a
"unit" is pretty much made by the user of the term.  A unit should be
larger than a single nucleotide, otherwise youu would just have a piece of
DNA :)

Rafael Maldonado <rmaldonado at ua.es> wrote:

: "Frank O. Fackelmayer" wrote:
:> Concatemers are linear
:> multimers of the same DNA molecule, as pointed out by the other posters
:> before.

: Not yet correct. Concatemers not need to be linear. Concatemers of
: plasmids, for example, are circular. They are multimers of plasmids,
: which are circular, so the result is also circular.

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: Rafael Maldonado
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