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Sun Nov 28 00:19:09 EST 1999

Fellow entrepreneur:
Don't knock it until you at least read this.  (It came
to my attention that this might interest you.  If not,
my sincere apologies.  Removal instructions are at the
bottom and will be honored promptly.  Thank you).

For the first time ever I have received a piece of
email that actually delivered more than just empty promises.

I assure you, you can earn over $21K+ each month
on a ten dollar budget, at home, in your spare time,
and without sending cash in the mail to strangers for
recipes or any of the usual nonsense!

My name is G van der Werff I am a 31 year old firefighter
husband, father of two, and part-time student so as you can
probably see, I am a pretty busy man and don't have much
time for idle chit chat and surfing the net.

Normally, I use my account to work from home and I
don't play around, but after receiving what I assumed
was the same e-mail on numerous occasions and deleting it
each time, I finally read it because of the catchy
subject line and it was so REAL, it gave me goose pimples!

And it wasn't one of those corny "send money in the
mail to strangers" schemes that I had seen before!
Everyone knows people just take your name off the
list and steal your money in those things.

This one was entirely different, and it was so EASY!

I tried to put it out of my head, but later that
evening it was all I could think of.

When I went to bed that night, I couldn't sleep.
I tossed and turned,counted sheep, and by 4:00AM,
I finally had enough! I had to do this!
I thought, if I can waste twenty bucks a month on
cable TV, I can certainly afford to budget $10 for something

that will certainly put REAL MONEY in the bank!

I promptly got started and put to use the resources
thatwere at my disposal to market this amazing program.
( I was given a ton of great tools to build any business with)

Within a week I already had my first 14 subscribers!

I knew this was the part time opportunity that I had
been looking for. I immediately canceled my cable, and put
the money to better use.

I was not prepared for the results!

For the last three months, my emailbox has been
jammed with "entrepreneur" responses!  I am receiving
well above a 60% success rate from the people who
request the URL to my self replicating website!

I had to get additional bandwidth!  I am stunned by
the cash I am making.

My Wife and I had been trying to find ways to pay
down our debt (a lot of Debt).  Since we got started,
we payed off a student loan last month, (8 years
early), and we sent off the check for mine in October
(almost 9 years early).

We are putting serious dents in the rest of our the
balances of the rest of our debt.  As of right now,
we'll have our second mortgage paid off 8 years early.
(It's my goal to pay it off so much quicker than that.)

My life has taken a 180 degree turn for the best in
the last few months and we're just getting started.

I promise you, if you set aside a little time each day
to send this personal email and a follow up letter to
only those who ask you for more info, you will make at
least as much money as we are.

You don't need to know anything about computers, the
'net, business, or anything. I'm telling you this is

SERIOUSLY!  If you would like to quickly build a
$21,000+ monthly income and your budget can afford the small
$10 month investment, and you can send an e-mail message
then you are on your way to the bank.

This is positively the best money making opportunity

You may be skeptical. After all, you've probably been
led by friends, family, and the media to believe that
everything that doesn't take 40 + hours of your time each week or
involve a hefty financial investment either doesn't
work or is a scam.

I used to feel exactly the same way, however, since
trying this system myself, I have found that I was listening
to the wrong people.

I can only ask you one question.

Are you getting your information from millionaires and

successful entrepreneurs or are you taking advice of
people in the same (or worse) financial shape as yourself?

This year brings to a close the current millenium.
When the new millennium begins a month from now, you can
either be just 30 days older or you can be well on
your way to financial freedom. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

Take advantage of this opportunity while the economy
is strong and people are spending.

The good times can't last forever, and when the next
recession hits and everyone's broke it's too late to
change your financial situation.

This will produce results, but you can't make a dime
with this...................until you get started

Your destiny awaits so Get Started Now!  Sincerely,

G vd W

In order to make a fool proof system to ensure that
everyone can make as much money as possible with this
system, I have started my own program that ensures
your success, BMC.  If you would like more information
on how the two programs work together to earn you
$21,844 and more each month E-mail me at:
gerard at     My auto-responder
will give you all the info you need.

Gerard van der Werff

gerard at





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