Cutting with MboII

Johns053 at MC.DUKE.EDU Johns053 at MC.DUKE.EDU
Tue Nov 30 10:22:13 EST 1999

Are you sure it is incomplete digestion.  See the November issue of
BioTechniques.  Adding excess enzyme causes aberrant migration of the DNA bands.
Apparently, you can avoid this problem by heat inactivating before loading the
samples.  I have seen the same phenomenon with FokI.  It may be universal for
enzymes which cleave outside their recognition sites.

Frank Bartel <frank.bartel at> on 11/30/99 09:30:52 AM

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Subject:  Cutting with MboII

Does somebody have experiences with the restriction enzyme MboII. We try
to cut PCR products, but the digestion seems to be incomplete, even when
incubating overnight.

Thank you for your help.

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