FK506 (tacrolimus) in vitro

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Tue Nov 30 13:11:45 EST 1999

When dosed in mice, CsA or FK506 in usually dissolved in ethanol and diluted
as desired in olive oil, peanut oil, or corn oil (one reference I found
right away:  Interntaional Journal for Parasitology, Vol 28 (1998)
579-588).  Olive oil is the prefered diluent.  I'm sure this would work fine
in-vitro as well.

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Axel Allera wrote in message <38440030.C7CC0DDA at>...
>Try to dissolve it in DMSO
>Axel Allera
>Bruce Smith wrote:
>> Paula Lavery wrote:
>> > We are having problems getting FK506 into solution to use in some in
>> > assays. It readily dissolves in EtOH (0.2M) but it precipitates out
>> > we try to dilute it further into culture medium. We tried adding some
>> > 80 to the solution but it didn't help. Anyone have any bright ideas?
>> >
>> > Paula Lavery
>> > Transplant Immunology Lab.
>> > Royal Victoria Hospital
>> > McGill University
>> > Montreal (QC) Canada
>> >
>> > "If we knew what we were doing it wouldn't be called research, would
>> > -- Albert Einstein
>> My first thought was "how is it normally done?" and "how are you actually
>> it?"
>> I used cyclosporine a long time ago and what we used to do is slowly add
>> (culture fluid etc) to the etoh-csa.  Are there other solvent you can use
>> (DMSO).  WHat temp is the culture fluid?  does serum play a role either
pos or
>> neg in the precipitating out?
>> markH
>> hey i'm alumni at mcgill--great school, great town, (is bob murgita still
>> there?)
>> Peace
>> markH

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