Zhang Daming zhangdm at ibcas.ac.cn
Fri Oct 1 07:51:03 EST 1999

However, to my knowledge, none base mismatch could be tolerated at the 3'
end of a primer for a successful PCR amplification. But a couple of
mismatches will be allowed at the 5' end, depending on either the length or
Tm value of the primer. I don't know if this experience is shared by others.


>To my knowledge, at least 2 base mismatch at 3' extreme end is still Ok
>for PCR, which is the basis of so-called dCAPS strategy.
> Dear friends,
> I have a query for which I have received varied answers and hence am
> not able to conclude. I wanted to know that how many base mismatch at 3'
> end of a primer are allowed for the PCR to be uneffected. I hope all
> those who know it will be replying soon.
> Thanks in advance.
> Raj

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