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KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Tue Oct 5 11:54:50 EST 1999

Ok, how about this?  (remember, tongue in cheek)

Announcing TupperLabWare!

For all you laboratory plasticware, try Tupper.  Tupper electrophoresis
apparatus with the famous Tupper seal will not leak buffer on your bench.
Tupper electroblotters let you assemble your transfer "sandwich"
horizontally, then blot vertically!  Tupper microfuge rotors with the
integrated biocontainment lid, using the same Tupper sealing system that
you have come to know and depend on.  Host a party for your department

If you host a TupperLabWare party, you will be eligible for a gift of
TupperLabWare products, and if the orders from this party exceed $1000,
you will also receive credit up to 15% of the total, to be applied to your
next TupperLabWare purchase!

But wait!  There's more!

If you become a TupperLabWare distributor for your department, you can
purchase items at a substantial discount.  If your postdocs or graduate
students sign on as distributors and generate new TupperLabWare orders
when they go on to new institutions, you will receive up to 10% of their
orders as credit toward your own equipment orders.  Create your own
TupperLabWare distribution network and receive benefits, even if you do
not host another TupperLabWare party again!

So . . . how does this sound?

Daniel Kim

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