Small RNA electrophoresis: any tips?

KIM dkim at hector.NMSU.Edu
Tue Oct 5 11:58:54 EST 1999


A TBE-urea polyacrylamide gel may be best for resolving small RNA
fragments.  In addition, the bands will be more compact, contributing to
sensitivity.  Finally, acrylamide gels can be silver-stained, which is
more sensitive than ethidium bromide, I think.  I have used the silver
stain method of Bassam and Caetano-Annoles with some success in the past.
It is reasonably simple and fast.  This is the procedure used in the
Promega Silver Sequence nonradioactive sequencing kit (so check their WWW
site to get a citation)

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: I've looked in the archives before posting this question, but I couldn't
: find a satisfactory answer: what's the best way to do a nice RNA
: electrophoresis to just show the size of a small (200 bp) transcript? I'm

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