EDTA precipitation

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> that's a nice idea.. the craziest I have ever heard.  I am sure filtering
> off any undissolved EDTA is going to reduce the molarity rather than doing
> anything else.  EDTA always disolved in ph 8.0 and above.  If it is
> precipitating, it is only because of four reasons,  1) the pH is below
> 2) the temp is low 3) the damn pH meter is hoodwinking you and 4)It is not
> EDTA, maybe soappowder.:-)

Not so fast nitro...

If the problem is due to low temperature, filtering after dissolving (and
prior to autoclaving) may remove lint, dirt and silica particles that help
serve as nucleation centers for precipitating out.

Steve Dahl
Dept. of Medicine/Renal
Johns Hopkins University

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