Strange TOPO cloning problems Part 2

Greg Hawkins ghawkins at MWGBIOTECH.COM
Wed Oct 6 09:47:06 EST 1999

Seems to be a lot more problems out there with the TOPO vectors than I
imagined.  I have been contacted by Invitrogen and they really don't know
why these problems exist.  The answer that Invitrogen has come up with is
that the incubation time with the TOPO is too long, or there is some problem
with the stop reaction.  I thought I was just a bad sequencer for the
longest time....but loosing the primer sites seems to be a very common
problem for those who have had problems.  Not to knock the TOPO vectors...I
think they are great, but there should be a warning to everyone about the
potential problems.

Everyone that has had problems should contact Invitrogen just so they can
get an idea what type of problems exist, what is common between all of the
problems, and most importantly what they plan to do about it from a product
quality stand point.

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