EDTA precipitation

Caroline Szymeczek-Seay css at med.unc.edu
Wed Oct 6 10:43:56 EST 1999

I've never seen 0.5 M EDTA precipitate, but i sure have had 10X TBE do
it like crazy.  One collegue commiserated, and said it happened to her
all the time, and one said "that never happens to *my* TBE."  Filtering
after complete dissolution of chemicals certainly helps, though, as does
very clean glassware.  But mostly I just use TAE, now!

Stephen Dahl wrote:
> "V.S. Gautam" <gautam at mcbl.iisc.ernet.in> wrote in message
> news:Pine.LNX.4.10.9910060957370.4944-100000 at mcbl.iisc.ernet.in...
> > I don't understand why such HOOLA-BOOLA about EDTA precipitation.
> > In my life time, I have been in science for 18 years now, and never did
> > EDTA precipitate. Neither did it happen with anyone I know of (of the 80
> > or so Ph.D. students in our dept). And we use local stuff, not SIGMA or
> > any such high grade EDTA.
> Agreed.  I've never seen 0.5M EDTA pcpt. out either, but then again if I had
> a penny for every thing I've never seen happen in the lab that DID happen in
> a lab........  ;^)
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