EDTA precipitation

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Wed Oct 6 23:48:22 EST 1999

Caroline Szymeczek-Seay <css at med.unc.edu> wrote in message
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> I've never seen 0.5 M EDTA precipitate, but i sure have had 10X TBE do
> it like crazy.  One collegue commiserated, and said it happened to her
> all the time, and one said "that never happens to *my* TBE."  Filtering
> after complete dissolution of chemicals certainly helps, though, as does
> very clean glassware.  But mostly I just use TAE, now!

Actually, 10X TBE is a solution that benefits greatly from filtering.
Filtered 10x TBE is fairly stable, but you have to avoid creating any chunks
of dried material around the rim that can fall into the stock and create
nucleation centers (hmmm...this is becoming my word for this newsgroup).
Pipette out of the bottle and make it a clean draw...no drips or touching
the pipette to the inner sides of the bottle as you take it out.  Learned
this from a long-lost pal I used to know on the Homewood campus.....Steve,
ya out there???

Steve Dahl

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