Gerd  gerdn at
Thu Oct 7 06:43:34 EST 1999

I am planning to use a GUS (beta-glucuronidase) reportergene i rhizobium,
nobody around here have any experience - so some tips would help me.
I have read that:
X-gluc is commonly used as the substrate for beta-Glucuronidase in plants
and on agarplates (blue colour), 
p-nitrophenyl glucuronide has been used for bacteria in liquide culture
(yellow 405 nm), 
and 4-methyl umbelliferyl glucuronide to yield fluorescent product.

So, the questions are: 
What are the benefits and drawbacks for each of these substrates?
Does anyone have recipies for concentrations, and assay condidtions for
these or other possible substrates? 
I would also love to know how sensitive the systems are to pH, temp., salts,


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