Fecal DNA extraction for PCR?

dav dav1 at SoftHome.net
Thu Oct 7 13:12:22 EST 1999

I' ve used Chelex, but with partial unsuccess.  Now I've seen
that it's better purification with alkalin lisys and after use
BSA, but I've had 25% of inibitions.

Tomasz Stadejek ha scritto nel messaggio
<37F881F2.52D301CB at piwet.pulawy.pl>...
>Have you tried silica particles (e.g. Gene Clean)? It worked for
>This probably does not separate all inhibitors but should be
enough to
>get most PCR's working.
>dav wrote:
>> I've proved noumerous metods unsuccessfully... How don't have
>> inibitions?

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