Isopropanol vs EtOH

Glover Martin gwmartin at
Thu Oct 7 14:51:43 EST 1999

rogier <stugerNOstSPAM at> wrote:
> Hiya,
> simple. you only need 1 vol of isoprop, instead of 2 vol. EtOH. this
> can be the difference between spinning in eppies or looking for exotic
> big tubes and spinners to fit them in. or dividing your DNA among
> eppies so you have twice as many samples to fight with.
> and yeah, isoprop precipitation gives cleaner DNA cos you don't need to
> add tons of salt.
> and its faster, too.

But harder to get rid of after precipitation than ethanol.  I think that's
why at least one ethanol wash is suggested after isoprop precipitation.


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