RNase Inhibition

Mark Garry Petten t67mgp at morgan.ucs.mun.ca
Fri Oct 8 10:11:20 EST 1999

In extracting RNA from human tissues I treated all glassware,
microcentrifuge tubes, and metal instruments with DEPC in 1mL/L to
inactivate RNases.

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On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Mark and Alex wrote:

> I am working on a project that involves automated detection of RNA from
> lysed bacteria.  I am worried about degradation of the RNA through RNase
> hanging out in the steel pipettes and plastic tubing of the instrument. 
> Does anyone know if there is a simple, chemical way to inhibit RNase?  I
> need something that is inexpensive enough to add to all of my wash
> buffers, etc. on the instrument.

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