RNA isolation from tomato roots

David Meyer meyerdrdj at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 17:45:52 EST 1999

I once isolated a bucketload of great quality RNA from dirty (I mean they
actually still had a lot of dirt on them even after washing!) tomato roots
by first posdering in LN2, then proceeding with a standard AGPC (Chomzynski)
prep in which I had increased [GuSCN] to 5M. Unlike preps from a lot of
other tomato tissues with this method, this one had very little CHO

Hope this helps,

David J. Meyer, Ph.D. (UCDavis, Mann Laboratory, Dept of Veg. Crops at the
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> Subject: RNA isolation from tomato roots
> >Hello,
> >Any suggestions as to what protocol works best for extracting RNA from
> tomato
> >roots.  Preferrably a protocol that can be scaled up to handle ~1-5g of
> >tissue efficiently.
> >Thanks in advance,
> >
> >Gary Vallad
> >
> Hi Gary:
> LiCl/phenol metod is a good choice.
> Ref. : Prescott A and Martin C. Plant Mol Biol Rep 1987(4)219-?
> J.Wei

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