protamine sulfate for transfection?

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at
Mon Oct 11 06:41:30 EST 1999

Hi all, 

Just had the idea that protamine (if I'm right, it's a mix of 
proteins rich in Arg, Lys and His and clinically used as a heparin 
antidote) might be useful as transfection reagent or enhancer for 
A PubMed search for protamine and transfection in titels yielded one 
recent hit ( )and a few 
papers at least 10 years old(!).

It seems very logically that protamine might be a very good reagent, 
for this purpose since it probably happily complexes the negative 
charges from DNA. 
So why has it come to oblivion or it *this* what we are 
paying for these high prices?!!

All ideas, reports etc are highly appreciated for discussion. Please 
post directly to the group. 



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