mouse from man on the PCR level

Scott Craig s.craig at
Mon Oct 11 22:31:12 EST 1999

B2 microglobulin - human specific primers coupled with actin which is human
and mouse homolgous for semi quantitative
Reference: Schwarzenberger P, Spence S, Lohrey N, Kmeicik T, Longo DL,
Murphy WJ, Ruscetti FW, Keller JR. Gene transfer of multidrug resistance
into a factor-dependent human hematopoietic progenitor cell line: In vivo
model of genetically transferred chemoprotection. Blood 1996, 87:2733-2731
Rice A, Wood J, Milross, C, Collins C, McCarthy N, Vowels M. Conditions
that enable human hematopoietic stem cell
engraftment in all NOD-SCID mice.
Transplantation 1999 in Press
I will provide more details if required - contact me.
Good luck
Alison Rice

"L. Scot Bastian Ph.D." wrote:

> Greetings all,
>      We're going to do hematopoietic reconstitution studies using human
> cells in irradiated mice. The studies are a little too complex to fully
> describe here. This might seem to be an obvious question, but what is a
> good DNA marker to use detect human cells in the blood of mice using
> PCR.  The cells are likely to be scarce, so repetitive DNA that is
> present in abundance in human cells, and absent in mouse would be
> great.  If you can suggest specific primer pairs or specific references
> where this has been done I would be most grateful.
> Thanks,
> L. Scot Bastian Ph.D.

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