Protein precip. from Guanidine

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at
Wed Oct 13 15:07:10 EST 1999

Nick Theodorakis wrote:

> The problem will be the ionic content of the guanidine, which will
> surely mess up the electrophoresis. It wouldn't be a problem with urea
> (but I would skip the boiling step). Is there a way the the original
> poster could dialyze against urea to remove the guanidine (assuming a
> denaturant was needed to keep it in solution)?

I remember several posts not long ago about ul volume dialysis.  Try a
Dejanews search for it, but the basic method was to float the dialysis
membrane on top of the desired buffer, pipette on the drops of sample
and leave in the cold room for X length of time.

> Nick


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