PCR, Genechips & al - what available/reliable?

kchittur at nospam.che.uah.edu kchittur at nospam.che.uah.edu
Wed Oct 13 11:43:25 EST 1999

Vasos Panagiotopoulos +1-917-287-8087 Bioengineer-Financier <vjp2 at smtp.dorsai.org> wrote:

> Wondering how folks out in the field view all the advanced DNA
> detection gadgets. Is RFLP still in heavy use? How long will PCR still
> be used? What different types of genechips are there? Is Affymetrix
> the only standard? Are there other ideas? Will folks just use the
> dominant new idea or will all sorts of different types be used as
> needed? 

PCR is a crucial tool - in so many things - will be around forever ?

Genechips - there are several companies that make cDNA microarrays -
www.resgen.com is one for example - the technology is not the same 
as that used by Affymetrix - but gives similar information -  

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