PCR, Genechips & al - what available/reliable?

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Hi Vasos! I didn't know you hung around here, too. (I had to doublecheck
the header to make sure I was in the ng I thought I was in).

> 	Wondering how folks out in the field view all the advanced DNA
> detection gadgets. Is RFLP still in heavy use?

Not in heavy use, but it has a "niche market" in genetic mapping.

>How long will PCR still
> be used?

For the forseeable future - at least until I retire. It's too useful as
a "general purpose" tool to go away any time soon, and people keep
finding new uses for it.

>What different types of genechips are there? Is Affymetrix
> the only standard? Are there other ideas? Will folks just use the
> dominant new idea or ...

There are other makers besides Affymetrix. One of the uses for gene
chips are to survey gene expression profiles between various targets
(e.g., between a normal and diseased tissue, or a cell which has been
treated with or without a certain drug, etc.) This is an extremely
important experimental problem, and the field has seen many techniques
come and go -- subtractive libraries, differential display, SAGE (not to
say these technologies have gone away - they are still important - but
they all have limitations, and it remains to be seen if gene chips will
be the answer) -- if you have been around long enough you might remember
people using 2-D gel profiles for a similar purpose. Often, people will
jump on a new idea or technology to get on the bandwagon. I suspect

>will all sorts of different types be used as
> needed?

as you have alluded to.


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