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Thu Oct 14 16:34:29 EST 1999

:Peter wrote:
:> In article <7ti5qu$7cg$2 at>, "Chong Wai Yin( Zhang
:> Weixian)" <wychong at> wrote:
:> > Hi people! Can anyone tell me are there any difference between using EDTA
:> > and EGTA in lysis buffer. Is the function of EGTA the same as EDTA? Thank
:> > you for answering.
:> EDTA- chelates only Ca+2
:> EGTA- Chelates all divalent cations
:As pointed out elsewhere in this thread, it really is the other way

It's neither!

EDTA - chelates all 2- and 3-valent ions
EGTA - chelates all 2- and 3-valent ions _except_ Mg2+

        - Dima

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