ATG starts & stops??

Matthias R. Evers matthias.evers at
Fri Oct 15 02:19:15 EST 1999

Hi Alan,
I hope the following comments help.
> 	I have a weird findings from my 5'RACE and I am not quite sure if it is an
> artifact or something else. After cloning my 5'RACE product into a vector,
> sequencing results showed that the first ATG is followed by a TGA stop
> codon! 

If you look at ESTs this is not a new finding. Some clearly 5`-ESTs show 
in front of the "real"  ATG another start codon in a different reading 
frame, which stops somewhat downstream. Of course this can`t explain your 
findings, but could tell you, that this is probably due to nature and not 
due to a mistake.

>  Any comments and inputs
> are welcomed. 

I would not dare to explain it, but probably Kozak`s results are more 
important than we think at the moment. Maybe the initiation region could 
drive the expression even there is a ATG further upstream. It was also 
shown that there is measurable expression from the second  ATG of a mRNA. 
So 5`ATGs could have inhibitory effects.

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