Qiagen column complaint

Rae Nishi nishir at ohsu.edu
Fri Oct 15 17:56:55 EST 1999

We have been using Qiagen columns for purifying plasmid DNA for a very
long time without problems.  Recently, we purchased a pack of 25 tip
100 columns, of which none worked.  Ie., we were unable to recover any
DNA from a number of different plasmid midi preps with a whole variety
of vectors including Bluescript, pGEM, RCAS, and pCDNA3.  Three
different people in the lab using three different stashes of solutions
(both Qiagen made and home-made) were unable to get any DNA purified on
these columns.  We are NOT ROOKIES!  When we called Qiagen to complain,
they treated us like idiots, taking us through every step of the
protocol (even though we had checked through all this already). We even
told them that one of my students just scaled his culture up and used a
tip 500 column, and got plenty of good clean plasmid DNA-- so our
protocols for culturing, lysis, etc DO work. They said it was unlikely
to be a bad batch of columns because they made large lots of them and
had no complaints. They suggested that we were overloading the columns
(if you overload, howcum you don't get ANY DNA back again?-- if you
don't get it back, it must not be binding or not eluting)  Qiagen was
unwilling to replace the entire pack (they said they would send us 4
replacements).  This was very disturbing to me, considering the cost of
each column. Have any of you had this problem (with the columns and
with customer service) at Qiagen?    

Rae Nishi, PhD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland Oregon 

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