Tris buffer and the Biorad model 491 Preparative Electrophoresis

Dr P.P.E. Freestone ppef1 at
Mon Oct 18 05:56:19 EST 1999

We are using a Biorad model 491 Preparative Electrophoresis cell to
purify collagen.  To optimise our purification, we'd like to collect
discrete peaks by connecting the cell tube outlet to a flow cell. 
However, the problem is that the tris electrophoresis buffer that the
491 cell uses has a similar absorbance maximum to our protein (around
340 nm - collagen has very little UV absorbance at 280 nm).  So, does
anyone out there know if other (non-tris) buffer systems exist which
will still give separations around pH 7-8, and which don't absorb so
strongly at 340 nm ? 

Thanks everyone ! 

Primrose Freestone 
Dept Microbiology 
University of Leicester 

ppef1 at

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