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Mon Oct 18 09:17:50 EST 1999

I've used qiagen tips for a few years. I usually get 130 ug of DNA from
a tip100 and 30 ug from a tip20. So if your tip20 dripthrough columns
work OK, take them. 4 tip20s are cheaper than 1 tip100...
for tip100s, I load pellets from a 15-ml culture grown in 2YT or 25 ml
from a culture grown in LB. just make sure you don't load any debris
and protein aggregates on your columns. squeezing your bacterial lysate
through a piece of paper is much more effective than spinning the
debris down, and a lot faster too.

If you overload a column, protein and cell debris will clog it and your
buffers won't pass through. If your buffers drip through, you have not
overloaded your column.

The only time I've seen a qiacolumn fail was when my adviser mixed up
washing and elution buffer.

So if you don't get any DNA, shoot your QiaRep and steal all his/her
sample kits.

btw, you can re-use qiagen tips even tho qiagen says you can't !
just wash em with loads of elution buffer and then equilibrate em again.

Good luck,
rogier at biogate.com

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