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Stephen Dahl stayve-and-irayne at worldnet.att.net
Mon Oct 18 23:52:16 EST 1999

Bruce Elder <elder at theriondna.com> wrote in message

> I don't mind so much that there are problems, but I do mind being treated
> like an idiot. As Rea said, "We are NOT ROOKIES!"

Hold on thar pard'ner.....I knew you when you WERE a rookie (or was that
wookie?  you had a pretty hairy face for a while there as I recall)

Son of a gun...Bruce Elder....I just had Sasquatch here a few weekends ago
and we were talking about you.  All good of course ;^)

Many things going on...catch me on the private line!

Back to the topic at hand, I'm amazed at the level of disgruntlement here.
I think I'll make that call after all!

Steve Dahl
stebby at jhmi.edu

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