Yeast two-hybrid system

Frederik Boernke boernke at
Tue Oct 19 11:23:58 EST 1999

Griffith Jones wrote:
> This is important question to ask since I am starting a new project
> involving the yeast two-hybrid system to detect protein-protein
> interactions.  I need to know which company offers the best kit for
> yeast two-hybrid: Clontech-Matchmaker two-hybrid System2,
> Invitrogen-Hybrid hunter yeast two-hybrid system, or Stratagene-HybriZAP
> 2.1 two hybrid system.  Thanks.

Difficult to answer.
Personally, I think for library construction Stratagene's system
works best. I am using libraries constructed in HybriZAP with the
Y190 reporterstrain and pGBT-9 bait vector sold by Clontech. In my
hands this combination gives the best efficiencies during
So taking bits and pieces from different places is no bad idea really.

Good luck


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