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> Have any of you had this problem (with the columns and
>with customer service) at Qiagen? 

I'll declare an interest.  My company makes DNA extraction kits.

Qiagen seem to have a reputation in the field for poor quality of
post-sale customer care.  In their defence, most of the customer
complaints in this field can be solved by taking the user through the
protocol and making sure they understand it - most of the tech calls I've
fielded are from customers who want to use the product in an application
for which it was not designed . . .

However, there is no excuse for treating an obviously qualified scientist
like a moron.

Given the complexity of the Qiagen kits, I would be very surprised if they
did not have an occasional batch problem.  What is surprising, and
extremely worrying, is that their QC does not pick it up.  I think their
reps believe they have the best kits on the market and they never go wrong
- so I'd be tempted to ignore the rep and get hold of a suit who has some

I've been participating in this forum for, oh over 7 years now, and this
problem (with Q products and lack of customer care) crops up with tedious

It beats me how they maintain their market share.  As others have noted,
there are alternatives.


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