GSH measurement

Martin Chan genetic_judge at
Tue Oct 19 10:14:00 EST 1999

GSH + DTNB(colourless) -----> 3-mercapto-6-nitrobenzoate (yellow)
3-mercapto-6-nitrobenzoate has a characteristic absorbance at 412nm.

Concentration of GSH in the cuvette solution = (A/B)*10^3 mM
, where A is the absorbance at 412nm and B is the molar coefficient of
3-mercapto-6-nitrobenzoate, and is = 13600

Hope this help.

"Dr. Holger Olbrück" wrote:

> Hello,
> who knows a good method for the determination of intracellular GSH?
> Thanks
> Holger

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