Why DTT in in situ hybridization???

George Flentke gflentke at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 20 05:14:13 EST 1999

In article <380C80EE.F668FD96 at koki.hu>, barna at koki.hu wrote:
>Maybe you are absolute right, but in situ hybridization solutions do not
>contain RNAsin :)))
>it contains:
>and the probe
Originally, all probes were S-35.  The DTT helped keep the alpha-S from 
oxidizing off the probe.  Thus it was a stabilizer for the probe. 

DTT does seem to be thought of as necessary for RNA'sin stability.  The 
problem with the descrepancy might be due to long term versus short term 
protein stability.  I always keep a bit there, just in case.  With the binding 
mechanism not well understood, it can hurt.


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