PCR machine recomendations PLEASE :-)

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Thu Oct 21 11:13:12 EST 1999

Hello all.
I am a PhD student who is working on cell many types' reaction to
various topographical cues. I did not study Molbio or Genetics as an
UGrad so am a bit rusty on the finer pionts of gene analysis.

I am buying a PCR machine and have about 5-6K to spend.

I would like comments from people who have used/compared the MJR PTC200
gradient the PE 9700 and stratagene Robocycler. which one did you prefer
in side by side comparison and why? 
Are there any other, simple to regularly use, machines that are worth

Because of the differing cell types and variable topography, I think
long and dificult optimisation would be a problem. I've heard the
capilliary systems are fiddly so I am reticent about one of those. Am I
wrong thinking this?

Obviously reps tell us that their machine is the best thing since sliced
bread. So I've noted their comments with a pinch. :-)

I'm in the US next week at  the AVS conference so can't reply to any
personal mails.


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