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This is out of Methods in Enzymology, in an article entitled "Use of
Vanadate as a Protein-Phosphotyrosine Phosphatae Inhibitor", by Julius A.
Gordon, (1991) Vol 201,[41], p480, Section entitled "Preparation of
Vanadate Solutions"

"We routinely store a stock solution in flint glass for several months.  In
our laboratory the preparation seems to improve with age during this time.
We know of no rationale to explain this effect nor the mysticism attached
to finding a single supplier and lot number for vanadate.  Vanadate
soutions can also be aliquoted, stored in plastic, and frozen; we thaw the
frozen solution overnight prior to use. ...."
i get the impression from this and others in the lab that the solution will
keep at room temp for a while...suppose it couldn't hurt to freeze it.

hopefully this is helpful =)


Neal Melvin wrote:

> How long is sodium orthovanadate good for after boiling and pHing?? If
> kept at 4 degrees, will it be good for awhile, or should I make it fresh
> each time? Can it be frozen?
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