inducible promoter for E. coli

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>Hi people,
>I want to express two different proteins (DNA gyrase & topoisomerase I)
>in E. coli.
>I have one gene cloned behind the lacZ promoter (inducible with IPTG),
>so I need a second inducible promoter. this promoter should be
>chemically inducible (no heat-inactivation of labda repressor or
>similar tricks) AND the level of expression should be proportional to
>the amount of inducer added, i.e. the promoter should NOT be a simple
>on/off switch.
>Anyone any suggestions? Is there someone out there with experience with
>arabinose/nisin/tryptophane-inducible promoters?

Personnaly, I find that pBAD promoter, inducible by arabinose, is a
good type of promoter. The induction by arabinose is as simple as the
one with IPTG. Use 0.2% of arabinose for induction.


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