inducible promoter for E. coli

Mike Marr mtm5 at
Fri Oct 22 10:43:00 EST 1999

The pBAD vectors are not titratable without some genetic manipulation of
the cells. Arabinose is actively transported into the cell so at low
concentrations of ara some cells are highly induced while others are not
induced at all. The dose dependent response is from the fraction of
cells that are totally induced.


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rogier wrote:
> Hi Isabelle,
> thanx for your suggestion.
> Have you ever tried titration with arabinose?
> The reason why I'm looking for such a promoter is that I want to
> control the amount of induced protein; express my enzymes at different
> concentrations and quantify the response.
> Will I have a chance with pBAD ?
> All the best,
> Rogier
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