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Tue Oct 26 08:14:50 EST 1999

Don Walthers wrote:

> I'm interested in doing a non-radioactive band shift assay. Are there
> drawbacks to running the DNA-protein complex on an agarose gel and the
> staining with EtBr. The fragment will be large enough to have exposed DNA
> capable of being intercalated with the dye. Thanks for any comments. I have
> seen references where this can be done but the author usually doesn't
> elaborate since the labled DNA approach is more common.


Look in Current Protocols in molecular biology, (section 12.2). They give a
protocol for EMSA, using standard conditions, but they also give a reference
for a protocol using agarose gel fractionation of the complexes. However, if I
remember, this worked fot very large protein complexes.

Hope this will help

Alexandre Blais

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