dig-dGTP or -dCTP?

Joseph C. Bagshaw jbagshaw at wpi.edu
Wed Oct 27 07:18:53 EST 1999

Gibco-BRL sells a biotinylated dCTP in which the biotin is linked to the 6
position of the cytosine by a 14-carbon arm.  Pierce sells both biotin-alk
phos and biotin horse radish peroxidase complexes that enable either
colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection.  You can also buy both the
biotin labeling kit and the detection kit from KPL, which uses the SA-HRP
complex.  In my experience this is far better than SA-AP.

A note for the kit-phobes out there.  I, too, prefer to make my own stuff
for something as simple as random-primed labeling.  When I did a cost
analysis I discovered that the price of the KPL kit is much less than the
price of the biotinylated dCTP alone, not to mention the other nucleotides
and the Klenow.  I can't afford NOT to use the kit! KPL must have a
sweetheart deal with Gibco-BRL.

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On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Frank O. Fackelmayer wrote:

> Hi all,
> For a special application I need either digoxigenin-labeled dGTP or
> dCTP. Does anyone know a supplier? I cannot use dUTP or dATP as sold
> e.g. by Roche (Boehringer Mannheim).
> Well, I=B4m not limited to dig, because in principle any dGTP or dCTP wit=
> a label would do, as long as good antibodies against the label are
> available.
> Thanks,
> Frank

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