DHPLC - Transgenomic v. Varian ?

Leman leman at leman.org
Wed Oct 27 13:07:16 EST 1999

On 27 Oct 1999 17:14:44 GMT, Colin Dolphin <colin.dolphin at kcl.ac.uk>

>Apart from the difference in price has anyone compared the DHPLC systems
>from Transgenomic and Varian ? If so, what was the outcome ?

AFAIK, the winning combination is Varian system with (don't remember
which) HP column. I am yet to hear from a happy Transgenomic customer.
The only negative thing I might say about Varian is that their local
sales rep is not much more than a sales rep -- if you have a technical
question you'd have to call the headquarters. On the other hand, it's
kinda expected anyway.


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