Wanted: a E. coli system to secrete recombinant proteins

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at ua.es
Mon Oct 25 06:50:57 EST 1999

Craig Werner wrote:
>     I am currently stymied in my attempts to express a particularly (so
> it seems) toxic to E. coli protein which also isn't particularly known
> for successful reconstitution from inclusion bodies.  Some months ago I
> saw an ad (or maybe a mailing) for a new vector system that secretes the
> protein into the medium as expression continues, which may provide me
> with a way out.  Unfortunately, I can't find the information anywhere.
> I hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

The main reason for secrete proteins to the periplasmic space is not to
advoid toxicity, but to fold the protein properly, since there there can
be disuldife bonds, which are not formed in the cytoplasm.

I do not think that that method will solve a problem of toxicity, but
maybe is worth to try. Biosys (no affiliation whatsoever) sells some
strep-tag vectors that could be suitable for you.

-Rafa Maldonado
University of Alicante

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