Yeast media and growth

Byung-Hoon Kim at
Thu Oct 28 03:23:55 EST 1999

Younes Bounhar schrieb:

> I am trying to express proteins in yeast using a the Gal1 promoter) and
> cannot afford to get raffinose (I tried glucose then galactose only and did
> not get any induction. A friend of mine suggested to use a mixture of
> 3%Glycerol and 2%Ethanol. this allows for a very nice induction but the
> cells grow very very slowly if at all (it takes over 72h to get an
> OD600~0.6). Does anybody know why or if there is another alternative?
> Younes
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Hi Younes,

I use glucose medium to grow the yeast cells to OD600~0.6 and wash the cells
thress times with galactose medium  (3 X  (cent. and resuspend.) ), and then
grow the cells in galactose medium. After over night culture I got my protein
Good luck!

Byung-Hoon Kim

Dept. of  Genetics
Center for Plant Molecular Biology
Univ. Tuebingen

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