odd observation about DNA

Gerd  gerdn at ibg.uit.no
Fri Oct 29 02:25:34 EST 1999

Need to know a little more about what you have been doing.
What have you done to the DNA between 1. and 2. gel? And what methods have
been used?

any posibility for sticky ends finding each other?


In article <7vao1a$5l9$1 at unix2.glink.net.hk>, "Andrew Leung"
<leungkc at glink.net.hk> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have band-prep a 1.1kb pcr product from agarose gel. Then I run the prep
>in the agaorse gel again. But what I observed is a multiple bands of 1.1kb
>bands. So...........how to explain this.
>The pcr product is 70% GC rich. Is it due to............imperfect alignment
>across individual amplicon.

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