Protein free blocking agent

Fred dynamin at
Fri Oct 29 03:42:29 EST 1999

We use PVP-40 (very cheap from Sigma) to block NC or PVDF for western
blots.  Works extremely well.  Never tried it for hybridisations, but
should work equally well (I would guess).

see: Haycock, J.W. (1993) Polyvinylpyrrolidone as a blocking agent in
immunochemical studies.  Anal.Biochem.  208, 397-399.


"Dr.Narayana R.Isola" wrote:
> Is there a protein free method of blocking the membranes
> (nitrocellulose, Nylon) during pre hybridization??  I would apprecieate
> recieving information regarding this.
> Thanks,
> Narayana R.Isola Ph.D.,
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
> Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6378
> Tel 423 74 5893

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