DNA Strider for PC

Dr. Klaus Eimert eimert at geisenheim.fa.fh-wiesbaden.de
Fri Oct 29 04:26:42 EST 1999

Bruno Cenni wrote:
> I've looking for something like it on PC for a while, but with no success... The
> best thing I found was running a Mac emulator (like Executor from ARDI
> www.ardi.com) that then runs DNA Stryder or MacPlasMap or Amplify... There are
> some compatibility problems, but you could probably live with it. Let me know if
> you find a PC software.
> Bruno

I did the same and Executor deals well enough with DNAStrider and
Amplify, but it crashes on certain activities with MacPlasmap. Did you
have any similar experience?
I finally decided to buy a product called CloneMap from CGC Sientific
(no affiliation, blah blah ...).
It is kind of combined DNA Strider and MacPlasmap (which they sell, too)
for Windows. It works quite well, though the plasmid drawing is not as
comfortable as in MacPlasmap. Unfortunately, it is not shareware, but
the 245 USD (academic) is still reasonable. Executor will cost you 150
Their web sites are:   www.cgcsci.com    and      www. ardi.com
Hope that helps!



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